Peer Advisory Boards


What if you had your own small business advisory board? Peer Advisory Boards are groups of non-competitive business owners, key executives or professionals that meet monthly with an experienced facilitator to move their business forward.  Participants raise issues and receive feedback and support from peers based on experience and knowledge. To be eligible as a peer board member you must be willing to be exposed to new ideas, don’t think you know it all and sometimes be willing to take criticism.  PRO has help businesses in excess of twenty years in the metro markets of Chicago and Phoenix. Small business advisory groups like PRO have helped thousands of businesses grow to their potential and beyond.

PRO peer advisory boards for businesses are groups of business owners and local entrepreneurs who meet monthly to pool their experiences and ideas; a CEO Advisory Board. For more than 17 years, small businesses have used PRO peer advisory boards.  PRO accelerates your business growth by tapping into the collective wisdom of the group. Why Motivation Doesn’t Work

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Peer Advisory Groups, Peer Advisory BoardsBenefits of PRO peer advisory groups…

  • You lose that feeling of being alone at the top.
  • You learn that being in business for yourself doesn’t mean being in business by yourself.
  • You share your business problems and challenges in a confidential setting with others who have “been there, done that.”
  • … and much more!  Visit PRO’s YouTube Channel

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A “Peer Advisory Board” is “an assemblage of peer business owners, corporate leaders or sales professionals, who are willing to collaborate with each other in order to share best practices, serve as each other’s advisory board, offer workable ideas, provide support,  connections and innovation, and create an atmosphere of accountability.” 

We’re adapting… Virtual Peer Boards

If you enjoy facilitating and want to take your game to the next level, then this might just be the ticket for your trip. There’s often nothing more enjoyable than helping others succeed, especially when you have help, too. Ray can offer some amazing insights and materials. Imagine the value of a collection of business owners ready to address your challenges, questions or specific situation. If you can’t make it to a meeting, we can bring the meeting to you.
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