Plug into the Power of Peer Groups to Grow Your Small Business

PRO is a network of peer groups for small business owners and key executives. Peer group members meet monthly to pool their collective wisdom and experiences in order to better manage and grow their businesses and create support for each other.

Benefits of Peer Groups

When you belong to a small business peer group—also known as mastermind groups—you suddenly have access to benefits, knowledge and skills you could never acquire on your own, including…

You’ll receive the support and camaraderie of fellow entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that.” You don’t have to be alone at the top!

You’ll get your own seasoned “board of directors.” They’ll give you sound, confidential advice based on their own experiences.

You’ll discover a world of inspirations and ideas that help you view your business in a whole new way.

You’ll find the motivation to accomplish difficult but necessary tasks. Your peer group will hold you accountable for your actions.

You‘ll utilize a sounding board where you can air prospective ideas for your business and receive unbiased feedback.

You’ll have a way to regularly focus “on” your business instead of “in” your business. It’s structured and scheduled, so you can’t procrastinate.

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to build good business connections and relationships.

You’ll experience the gratification of sharing your own knowledge with others.

What’s a Meeting Look Like?

PRO peer groups meet for half a day, once every month. Groups are composed of no more than 12 members, typically business owners, presidents, CEOs, COOs, and managing partners. They lead companies that are similar in size, revenue and complexity, but in non-competing industries.

Each meeting is led by a professional facilitator and follows a planned agenda. The agenda includes a specific topic discussion of universal interest, followed by an open discussion where members share their most pressing business issues.

Why PRO?

Experience! PRO was founded in 1993 by Ray Silverstein, a small business expert, advocate, and author. Since then, Ray has facilitated more than 1,200 peer group meetings. He is a nationally recognized authority on running effective peer advisory boards.