Books by Ray Silverstein

The Small Business Survival Guide

Struggling to Keep Your Small Business Alive? Help is on the Way!


When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But for today’s struggling small business owner, the going is tougher than it has been in decades. Do you have the strategies you need to ensure your company’s survival?

After all, under normal conditions, half of all small businesses fail within the first five years. Those are poor odds to begin with, and the current conditions are anything but “normal.”

Whether your business is new or established, The Small Business Survival Guide can help you solve your problems and improve your odds. It’s filled with practical solutions to help you ride out the storm and even position your business for future growth. No hocus-pocus…just sound, proven small business principles that, for one reason or another, many entrepreneurs never got around to learning, like:

How to Survive

  • How to Perform Cash Flow Projections
  • Proven Strategies for Reducing Expenses
  • Creative Collection Strategies
  • How to Deal with Banks (and Ask for a Loan) 
  • Using Vendor Relationships as a Form of Financing
  • What If You’re Already in Trouble?

 How to Thrive

  • Retooling Your Company from the Ground Up
  • Tracking Your Progress 
  • Seizing Opportunities 

Plus, it includes business-building worksheets to help you assess your company’s health and brainstorm strategies for improvement and growth. 

Even if the economy were to turn around tomorrow, this is timeless knowledge you can always use, whether you’re dealing with a nationwide recession, an industry downturn, or company-specific problems. Consider it a crash course in small business CPR!


The Best Secrets of Successful Small Businesses

Shhh….The Secret’s Out!
500 Tips, Tricks, and Tactics You’d Never Learn in Business School


Looking for ways to grow your small business? You’ve just discovered the not-so-secret portal to hundreds of proven small business ideas! Forget ivory tower theories-these are practical, in-the-trenches solutions, sprung from the minds of real, successful small business owners, as distilled from the meetings of their peer group advisory boards.

In The Best Secrets of Great Small Businesses, veteran peer group facilitator Ray Silverstein gives us a first-hand look at the collective wisdom of hundreds of savvy entrepreneurs.

See their strategies for boosting profits, slashing costs, and vaulting over their competition. Their collective knowledge represents a tremendous resource for small business owners-and now you can get a peek at their playbooks.

Best Secrets brings you 500 innovative small business ideas and solutions, including:

  • What the business owner should work on…and what he shouldn’t
  • Dealing with “problem” employees
  • When to fire a customer
  • Getting the most out of your people
  • Driving traffic to your web site
  • Savvy sales management techniques
  • Succession and transition planning
  • Diagnostic tests: instant help for small businesses

There are plenty of small business books out there, but there’s never been one like this!

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