Join a PRO Group

Who may join PRO

As a support group for business leaders, PRO has strict but not rigid requirements for membership. Most members are owners, partners, managing directors, CEOs or COOs of their companies or organizations, mostly manufacturing, wholesale/retail and service businesses.

If our concept is attractive, we invite you to submit your membership questionnaire on a confidential basis. Then we’ll be able to tell you if we are right for you, and you are right for us.

How to join

Becoming a PRO member is usually a matter of three simple steps.

  1. You fill out the membership questionnaire, so we can tell you if we have a group in your geographical area, with compatible group demographics.
  2. We invite you to a one-on-one interview, and/or to the next monthly meeting of an appropriate group, so you can “try us on for size.”
  3. If there is a fit, we bill you for the modest annual membership fee, payable in four quarterly installments.  (If you drop out before your membership year is over, you will not be held responsible for the unused portion of your commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions – Click Here for Answers

Membership application

Please fill out this form and we will respond to your request quickly: