What If… You don’t have time for Your kids?

What If… You don’t have time for Your kids?

Too busy, Too bad! Get a life. Learn from other business owners and key executives how they manage their time. When I had my companies the talk was how to be more efficient.

That’s ok. But, today the discussion is how to be more effective! Just doing “stuff” may make you feel good, and are you doing the right stuff?

At Peer Advisory Board meetings we discuss delegation, prioritization, and work format to be more effective. In business today we don’t measure how busy you are. We measure and reward how effective You are.

Do you need help establishing the right priorities? Do you have the right strategy? Do you have to consistently have to reinvent the wheel? Does everyone come to you for an Answer? If You nodded yes to anyone of these questions, You need help from Your Peers.

I am sure you know a Peer Advisory Board is a monthly meeting of non-competitive business owners, Presidents, CEO and C level Executives with an experienced facilitator who keeps the discussion on track and drives for conclusions.

At each meeting a topic is presented start the meeting, and to get the discussion following. Most Importantly, each participant has an opportunity to bring their issues to the table for peer feed back. In essence, a think tank with action and accountability.

PRO, President’s has created and facilitated business owners peer advisory boards for over 25 years. Technology now makes it possible for business owners to participate in On Line Peer Advisory Boards with an experienced facilitator, mentor, and tormentor. This means you can participate anywhere and on any wifi comparable device.

To give you an idea CLICK Here for a digital copy of the PRO Small Business Toolbook. 83 pages of articles, worksheets on almost every small business issue. It will get your brain thinking! This is an example of peer advisory insight

When I first graduated college and went to work in the family business I was the expert on repairing the copy machine. One day, my mentor asked me, “Is this what you think you should be doing? Granted I was an expert on the copy machine, but that machine was not the key to the success of the business.

I learned better, and a sign on my office wall states, “There is no sense doing well that you should not be doing at all.” What is your role? What makes Your business really tick? That’s what You should be working on! Taking time off opens your mind to new ideas, questions and answers. Being effective in what is important open time for You.

Now you can participate in an On Line Peer Advisory board anywhere, and on any device. CLICK Here for the Small Business Toolbook and to learn more about ON LINE Peer Advisory Boards.

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RAY SILVERSTEIN is an entrepreneur, author and speaker revered for his high business intellect and ability to communicate meaningful and practical concepts to those wishing to achieve success in business. As the President of Peer Advisory Training and President’s Resource Organization (PRO), he is instrumental in creating breakthrough moments for executives wrestling with an assortment of personal and organizational issues. Ray describes himself in metaphorical terms as both a corporate chiropractor, one who helps straighten out businesses and a corporate farmer, one who provides the corporate fertilizer that helps business grow. He currently presides over seven peer advisory groups in Chicago and Phoenix.