Winning Over “Impossible” Prospects – Entrepreneur Magazine 08-29-2007

It’s a familiar situation: You have a sweet target prospect you’d love to land, but you can’t seem to make any headway. You don’t know how to start a relationship. What can you do to create a beachhead or get your foot in the door?

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RAY SILVERSTEIN is an entrepreneur, author and speaker revered for his high business intellect and ability to communicate meaningful and practical concepts to those wishing to achieve success in business. As the President of Peer Advisory Training and President’s Resource Organization (PRO), he is instrumental in creating breakthrough moments for executives wrestling with an assortment of personal and organizational issues. Ray describes himself in metaphorical terms as both a corporate chiropractor, one who helps straighten out businesses and a corporate farmer, one who provides the corporate fertilizer that helps business grow. He currently presides over seven peer advisory groups in Chicago and Phoenix.

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